Benefits of Investing in High-Quality Indian Hair

The differences between true remy hair and fake imitations are obvious after a very short while. In fact, because imitation remy hair is processed and often coated with silicone to make it look good in the packaging, it only takes one or two washes to bring out its true texture. Women who attempt to save money by purchasing discount hair online or through beauty supply stores generally get what they pay for and that is low-quality hair that needs to be replaced frequently.

True remy hair is collected differently. This hair is cut in a ponytail so all of the cuticles are aligned. It stays this way until it is sold to the consumer so it looks and behaves naturally when combined with a woman’s natural hair. The same care is not taken during the collection process for non-remy hair and it is obvious because the hair tangles easily and because it is often chemically processed, doesn’t react well to normal styling methods.

Remy hair can take abuse like a woman’s natural hair. It can be flat ironed, colored and curled on a regular basis. Ideally, a woman will take the same care with her extensions as she does with her own hair, using products to protect it from heat damage. Taking care of the hair will ensure it lasts for a very long time. When it is taken care of properly, remy indian hair can last for a very long time. It will look good every day and no one will know it is actually extensions unless they are told.

Women who want high-quality hair should avoid beauty supply stores. Although they claim their hair is virgin or remy, this cheap hair is often collected from brushes and combined with animal or Chinese hair. It’s impossible to get good quality hair for only a few dollars a bundle. However, for women who only need the hair for a special occasion, using a product like this might be a suitable choice. As long as they know the limitations of this disposable hair product, purchasing cheap processed hair for a single wear could help a woman add length and fullness to her natural hair for the day.