When it comes to getting a super visa, there are many things involved that you have to determine before you go and get a super visa for yourself or for someone you would like to visit you in Canada. A lot of countries require that you get a Visa before you exit or enter it, countries such as Poland require that you obtain a visa before coming to Canada. The Canadian government recently came up with a solution that if you are a parent or a grandparent to someone in Canada than you do not have to meet the exact same standards as someone else who may be travelling.
Step 1: Fill out a “Application for Temporary Resident Visa” http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/forms/IMM5257E.PDF
Step 2: Read the guide http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/visa.asp, the guide will give you the details on how much you have to pay (depending on country etc) and it will let you know about any other specific details.
Step 3: Pay necessary fee that you found in step number two. It is very important that you keep the receipt for it. You can pay either online or at a financial institution with the correct and necessary information and documentation.
Step 4: Get insurance and keep all records on file.
Step 5: Print, sign, date, and send it in, with all necessary fees and attach any extra documents they ask of you too – there may be more than one thing you need to attach, this include you having a travel document which most people use a passport, two recent photos of all the family members etc. We recommend you go on to the website www.cic.gc.ca to figure out exactly what you need – would not want you to get so close in obtaining your visa and then not getting it.
Step 6: Wait to hear a result from the immigration office.
Step 7: Interview: this is not always needed, but some people need to meet with an officer. They will contact you and let you know if this is necessary.
Step 8: Medical Exam – this is a specific immigration exam. This may also be involved with your Medical Insurance(go to: Super Visa Insured to apply for a policy).
Step 9: Wait to hear back from the immigration offices.
Step 10: Start Packing! If all goes well, we hope to see you in Canada. Wishing you safe and happy travels.