South Africa is a cultural delight for travellers, offering a wide variety of foods, found nowhere else in the world. With such a varied combination of flavours and ingredients, there is sure to be a delicacy that suits the tastebuds of every traveller. Whether you’re an adventurous explorer or like to stick to what you know, you’ll certainly find a dish that you won’t be able to resist. If you’re planning your next holiday to South Africa, be sure to check out these traditional cuisines.


You’ll most likely discover, when travelling through South Africa, that many dishes are based around meat and animal products. Bobotie is no different, consisting mainly of minced meat and egg. An unusual variety is formed when baking Bobotie, as the minced meat contains a varied array of spices and herbs, whilst added to the mixture is also a number of sweet ingredients, including dried and fresh fruits. While traditionally Bobotie was created from various spices and vegetables, it is now commonly made using a simple curry powder for flavour. If you’re looking to try a traditional South African dish, but aren’t too adventurous, Bobotie is the perfect choice, offering a blended flavour of spiced minced meat, baked eggs and milk-soaked bread.


Similar to beef jerky, Biltong is traditional to South Africa and is a type of cured meat, most commonly made from beef or ostrich. While there are a number of similarities between Biltong and beef jerky, there are also notable differences, including the lack of sweetness in Biltong. The process of preparing Biltong is slightly different, to that of beef jerky, as the meat is dried rather than smoked. The drying of meat to create Biltong is quite a time consuming and difficult process, making the wait all the more worth it. Special ‘Biltong Boxes’ are used to provide the perfect drying conditions, assisting to create the delicious cured meat. The good news is, if you fall in love with the taste of Biltong, a number of businesses outside of the country sell both Biltong and Biltong Boxes.

Mopane Worms

If you class yourself as somewhat adventurous and truly want to earn the bragging rights for your return home, then you must try the interesting delicacy of Mopane Worms. Generally prepared in one way, the worms are soaked in salty water, which is then brought to the boil, followed by swift deep-frying to add a crunchy texture. While the outside of the Mopane Worm is crunchy, once cooked, the insides remain gooey and soft. Despite the name, this worm is actually a caterpillar – but you’ll have no problems deciphering this, once you lay eyes on your meal. You’ll find this delectable delight on the menu of many restaurants throughout South Africa, so you’ll have no excuse not to try it! Dennis is an Australian Writer who recently returned from a holiday in South Africa. He experienced many unique foods and particularly enjoyed biltong. When he is at home in Australia, Dennis likes to spend time with his family, ride his mountain bike and go surfing at the local beaches.