The world is changing at an incredible rate; deforestation, rising sea levels, global warming and our reliance on fossil fuels means that many species of animals and plants are finding their habitats under threat. This unfortunately means that for wildlife there is a lot you have to see now otherwise it may be too late.

Safari, Kenya

Kenya has been a popular destination for those seeking interaction with exotic wildlife since the 19th century. Wealthy European gentleman would often spend their holidays hunting wild animals and before returning to their luxurious lodges to relax. These days hunting isn’t allowed due to the endangered status of much of the wildlife but the sense of adventure has not diminished at all! Kenya is an ideal place to go safari

Swimming with Sharks, South Africa

Swimming with sharks is definitely not for the faint hearted adventurer. Despite being in a very strong cage the sight of a huge (usually around 14ft long) Great White coming towards you is probably a stomach churning moment. Although you can dive with sharks in other places around the world the dives off the South African coast are generally considered the best. So if you have the guts and really love wildlife then you’ll have no problem being suspended in a cage 40ft under water with huge sharks circling.

Amazon Trek, Brazil

Brazil is home to most of the largest rainforest on earth and the world’s widest river, both of which are named the Amazon. Much like Madagascar the Amazon Rainforest is home to a huge amount of unique and extremely rare wildlife. In fact most scientists believe that there are probably close to 4million different species of plants and animals in the rainforest- many are still undiscovered. There are two main ways to see the wildlife; you can either do it via river boat as you head down the river, or you can trek through the dense jungle on foot with a guide. Both offer a different perspective of the areas unique ecological offerings; from colossal trees and plants to jaguars, anteaters and sloths I can almost guarantee that you won’t leave without seeing at least some animals.

Rare Finds, Madagascar

Madagascar is an unexplored gem when it comes to holiday destinations. And that is fair enough if all you’re looking for from a holiday is a beach and some good cocktails; but for wildlife lovers it is not acceptable. Around 90% of all the living things in Madagascar are completely unique and cannot be found in the wild anywhere else in the world. Not only are these animals rare but they are also absolutely fascinating; for example every species of lemur on the planet can be found in Madagascar, as well as chameleons, orca, flying foxes and hippos. Oh and if that wasn’t enough the beaches and cocktails in Madagascar are as good as anywhere!