There are very few places in the world that will mesmerize you with its beauty. Some only offers splendid beaches, but then bore you because it has nothing else to offer except for water activities. You will never experience these kinds of frustrations and disappointments in Cyprus. It is filled with various activities to keep you engaged all throughout your stay. You may even need to extend your vacation because of the fun and entertainment it has prepared for you.

1. The Beaches

Everyone loves the beach and Cyprus has 49 Blue Flag Beaches to offer. Paphos hotels are one of the best accommodations in the area because it provides locations very near these magnificent beaches. The highly recommended beaches to visit in the region include Coral Bay, Nissi Beach, and Phinikoudes Beach. Therefore, you should never forget to bring a pair or two of bikinis for that sought after day out under the sun.

2. The Mountains

If you fell in love with its beaches, then you will be enchanted with its mountains, particular the Troodos Mountains. It is highly suggested to consider resting in the beach for a couple of days then going up to the mountains to enjoy its beauty for a few more days. This means finding two types of accommodations in the area, which means additional cost. Nevertheless, it is certainly worth your spending. Proceed to the Tourist Office for information and leaflet guides on the best trails to explore like the Caledonia Falls.

3. Rich History

Cyprus is blessed with a rich history to share. You may have read some of these in history books, but up-close view of these places will make it even more irresistible. You may consider an entire day of historical adventure on ride one of the tour buses for a quick glance of the most wonderful places in the island. See if these trips will allow you to see the grandeur of the Kolossi Castle and the Hala Sultan Tekke. If not, then it should at least take you to Stravrovouni or the Tombs of the Kings.

4. The Nightlife

If you wish to enjoy clean nightlife and entertainment then Cyprus has prepared many of these in its midst. After a dip in the beach, you may enjoy the entire night with friends. You can indulge in the sumptuous foods served in local tavernas, cafes, and bars. It is a must for you to try meze and indulge in it. That is the best way to appreciate the flavor of Cyprus. However, it would be best to choose hotels in Pafos near these nighttime places to guarantee a quick rest after the tiring night with friends.

5. Ease of Access

The strategic location of Cyprus makes it an ideal holiday escapade for many, particularly business people. It will take you less than five hours to visit if from Ireland and the UK. You can easily book a flight to Paphos or Larnaca Airport to conveniently relax in its midst. Cyprus is indeed worthy to be called a haven of relaxation and pleasure. Consider it in your next travel trip and enjoy the various activities and places it has prepared for your enjoyment.