If you ever get the chance to travel to Costa Rica, the first thing you will notice is the immense amount of wildlife in the area. There are various animals ranging from the sea to the rainforest, and each of these is animals that you may not get the chance to see in your hometown. Below are some of the fascinating animals that you hopefully will get the chance to see on your vacation.

Sea Turtle

A sea turtle is a turtle that is usually fairly large, and they inhabit nearly all of the oceans around the world. Turtles actually breathe air, however, sea turtles swim beneath the sea water, and come up every now and then to take a breath. Their lungs are trained to exchange oxygen while diving, however, when reproducing; sea turtles must come up to land. These animals are commonly seen along the costs of Costa Rica.


In the winter months, Humpback Whales migrate to the warm waters of Costa Rica to escape the cold, bitter waters up north. These whales are very large in size. In Costa Rica, there are some dolphin and whale tours that will allow you to swim in the water once you are far enough in the ocean, and it is possible to hear the whale making noises.


In the warm waters of Costa Rica, it is not uncommon to see dolphins playing with each other. The waters are very tropical, and this attracts mass amounts of dolphins. Reviewers say that Costa Rica is one of the best places to view dolphins, and they offer numerous dolphin tours to get an even better look at them up close.


In the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica are some very interesting animals, including sloths. Sloths are similar to racoons in size; however, they have special claws and are great at climbing trees. They are very slow as well. These creatures are so prominent in Costa Rica that there is a preserve there for them, known as the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica. This is where they rescue sloths and hold them in captivity. Tourists are big fans of these animals.


Again, another popular rainforest animal is the monkey.  However, these aren’t just any monkeys, the rainforests of Costa Rica have their own native monkeys known as the Central American Squirrel Monkeys. They also are known to have White-headed Capuchin monkeys, Mantled Howler Monkeys, and spider monkeys. All of these monkeys are great at swinging between the large, Costa Rican rainforest trees.


In the heart of the Costa Rican rainforest are some wondrous creatures known as frogs. These are all over the area, and they are not hard to spot when going for a hike through the woods or along the nature trails. There are also toads in the area, which are in the frog family. The types are burrowing toads, glass frogs, tree frogs, poison-dart frogs, leptodactylid frogs, true frogs and narrow-mouthed frogs. When spotting uniquely colored and designed frogs like these, make sure to take lots of pictures to show your friends because these are really a rarity around the world. These animals are all likely to be seen if you plan on traveling to the beautiful area of Costa Rica. This is one of the many great things about this area; you get to experience the marvellous sea life as well as the mysterious rainforest life.