Best Nightlife in New York Home to some of the hottest nightlife spots in the world, New York City is a thriving, ever-changing environment of clubs, bars and all-night hangouts to suit every personality and price range out there. The world famous city is home to a bustling multicultural population which demands all that is new, different and trendy in nighttime entertainment. From the sleek, highbrow wine bars to the hole-in-the-wall greasy spoons serving up the best comfort food outside your grandma’s kitchen, New York may be dazzling by day but is truly electric when the sun goes down. Realize that it’s always best to be cautious when partying in an unfamiliar location. Our New York personal injury lawyers recommend that you avoid walking around in areas that aren’t well lit and stick to clubs that provide top-notch security. Here are some suggestions for your nights in the Big Apple:

For the Chic and Stylish

• Lex Bar – This social setting within the glamorous St. Giles Hotel draws you in with its plush velvet sofas, deep mahogany woods on the bar and an impressive specialty drinks menu. Stick around for the weekend, when some of the best DJs around NYC come to entertain the masses.

• Avenue – If you have the cash to splash on some quality drinks and a little dancing, Avenue’s right up your alley. The upscale interior and lavish décor cater to the young, affluent crowd who like to see and be seen in fancy surroundings.

• 230 Fifth – A rooftop bar with a stunning view of the NYC skyline, this fashionable outdoor space offers something that few others do. When the nights turn cold, instead of herding everyone inside the staff distributes warm, fluffy red robes to guests.

• Sky Room – A two-level lounge with private cabanas on one terrace and a retractable roof on the other, Sky Room boasts a high-energy atmosphere while looming high above 40th Street while providing 360 degree views of the Hudson River and the Island of Manhattan.

For the Laid-Back and Unpretentious

• Daddy-O –  Known for cozy booths, large selections of whiskey and cocktails, sensibly-priced food and no fancy-shmancy mixologists; just knowledgeable bartenders. It can stay packed to the rafters up until 4 a.m. but still maintains a no-nonsense atmosphere, provided the Steelers aren’t playing on the plasma screens.

• The Randolph at Broome – From a daytime coffee or Cosmo to a midnight PBR or pickle-back (whiskey with a pickle brine chaser), anything goes at this humble all-day bar. They have a laundry list of great drinks on special every day of the week and cocktails are just $7 between noon and 8 p.m.

• Mother’s Ruin – Taking the pretentiousness out of cocktails and serving up classic bar food like French onion soup and grilled cheese, this neighborhood bar epitomizes low-key cool with its signature slushy drinks. Try their bourbon with frozen apple cider slushy for a tasty treat on an autumn night.

For a Late Night Nosh

• Bubby’s – Few things are better after a hard night of partying and drinking than the sweet, savory and meaty combo of homemade pancakes, eggs and thick-cut bacon. Their griddle breakfast platters have staved off many a late-night hunger pang and provided sustenance to endure even the wickedest of hangovers.

• Sarge’s Delicatessen – What’s more impressive than finding an authentic Kosher Deli open at three in the morning? One that dishes up the most delicious mile-high slices of smoky pastrami with coleslaw on seedless rye, that’s what. Come sunrise, this all-day-every-day deli serves some of the best corned beef hash in the Five Boroughs.

• Veselka – Forget sopping up a booze-laden belly with just any old food and sink your teeth into something remarkable: the Ukranian meatball hero served on a challah baguette with homemade carrot-and-cabbage sauerkraut and mushroom gravy. Veselka’s been a staple to the East Village diet for decades, and it’s easy to see (and taste) why. Enjoying New York at night is all about exploring the new and uncharted corners of the city as well as the age-old standby’s that have stood the test of time. However, it’s important to remember that no matter how fashionable or popular a place may be, it is important to stay safe while you are on vacation.

Avoid drawing attention to yourself as a tourist by dropping off your luggage as soon as you arrive. While out on the town, stick to the major roads and well-lit streets and never accept any rides. Also, watch out for unlicensed taxi cabs, and always check that the cab driver has displayed I.D. and license number. Despite the movies that portray a darker image, this city is one of the safest in the nation so have fun and enjoy New York’s incredible nightlife scene. Shelby Warden is a researcher and contributing writer for the New York personal injury lawyers at the Perecman Firm. If you are a victim of a crime in the New York, you may have a claim against the owner of the property where the crime occurred. Since property owners in New York are legally required to take whatever steps they can reasonably take to prevent crimes on their property, you should contact the lawyers at the Perecman Firm to stand up for your rights.