You are most likely to visit castles and cathedrals when you go and visit France; but for those who would like a unique experience of this romantic and historical paradise, then choosing these destinations could be considered more fun and enjoyable.

Constance Towers

This is located in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon. To visit, you are free to choose Montpellier Airport, because Montpellier is about 30 km away from it. It may be a remote town, but it is the place where Protestant women were imprisoned as ordered by the Edict of Nantes. They stood firm to their belief and never renounced their faith. It may not be as elegant as the castles and cathedrals of France, but realizing the historical value of this place will bring goose bumps to you.

A Walk at Arles, Provence

Since you are enjoying a historical escapade of France, why not proceed to the southwest Provence region and enjoy the Roman Ruins inArles. Step on the Roman theater, theConstantinebaths, and the necropolis. Be mesmerized with the talent of the ancients and the grandeur of this place during the reign of the Romans. Walk to its streets and it may be very familiar to you, because it has served as the Van Gogh’s inspiration in his many paintings.

The Astronomique Horloge of Besancon

Impressive! This is the single adjective one can think of upon seeing this astronomical clock. It has approximately 30,000 moving parts with 57 faces and 62 dials that helps you tell the time in over 16 places all over the world. You will never lose track of time in this place, but you will definitely be mesmerized by the talent exerted by the artist behind this mechanism.

The Fortified Town of Carcassonne

You will fall in love with Carcassonne because it transports you into the medieaval period. It will never be a disappointment for you to book a flight to Carcossonne Airport because every moment of stay in this place will be worthwhile. Its popularity further increase due to the publishing of the book “The Da Vinci Code,” but even without its influence the city of Carcossone is one of the best destinations inFrance. Be prepared to engage in a long walk in this old city, so better wear the most comfortable footwear.

The Huge Stones at Carnac

This is home to France’s version of the Stonehenge. How did these stones get here, it is still a mystery. It would be a shame if you will go to France yet fail to visit Carnacand see this prehistoric site up close. However, you may need to take a long walk again before you see it in its full grandeur. Listen to many theories surrounding its alleged formation and choose which among those are more feasible.

Cave Paintings of Dordogne

Complete your historical escapade by going to Dordogne. You will feel a strange sensation crawl into your skin as you gaze upon hundreds of paintings hidden in these caves. You will be curious with the various shapes formed by nature and those created by the early inhabitants of the place. You may not see all caves but it is highly suggested for you to visit the Cave of a Hundred Mammoths, the Cathedral of Crystal, the Lascaux Caves, and the La Roque Saint Cristophe Cave. There are more places to explore in France. You may have your own preferences, but it is safer to plan early to get the best deals in your car hire, accommodation, and ticket flights.