How much ever someone says that France and Paris are crowded but it is impossible to deny the glitters and dazzles of this country and its capital. In addition, the other cities like Provence, Cannes, Saint Tropez, etc are also perceived as happening as the capital itself. These destinations with their world-class hotels, restaurants and other hangout places are famous for spotting celebrities, more often than not. A luxury holiday in France can come with many surprises though, which could be seen in places far different than those mentioned above. Either for a long or short break, France has several destinations for interested globetrotters. Below listed are some of offbeat spots in the country for an exceptional tourism experience:

Loire Valley The River Loire is one aspect of France, but there is the Loire Valley that adds to the experience of any traveller or tourist to this country. Also referred to as ‘Garden of France’, its central part is counted as a UNESCO world heritage site due to its beauty and exceptional landscapes. All along the river, one can muse over the time God has taken to come up with the spectacular colours. Humans enhanced it to a tiny fraction by the vineyards and some chateaux here and there.

Chinon Mostly known for the medieval castle, Château de Chinon, the commune is a place that get recommended by anyone who chances upon it even for once. River Vienne just adds to the grace of the place providing opportunity of photographing with nice scenery. The river is known to exist from prehistoric time serving as a trade route. And, once here, do not forget to taste and buy the popular Chinon red wine.

Musee de Blindes World’s largest Tank Museum located in the city of Saumur, it holds the pages (in terms of war related machineries) of history related to World Wars (both I and II) and its various important phases like Warsaw Pact, NATO, Germany war in WW II, and likes. Many of these war equipments were later used in historical movies and hence, some of them were modified a little, as well.

Pyrenees  Located in the French Alp (and shared with Spain) near Mount Perdu, these are special visual treat for all the mountain lovers, especially the ski freaks. Three cirque walls with steep or abrupt slopes are also some of the geological aspects easily visible here and a matter of curiosity to the visitors. Villages and farm life are just mixed inseparably in these areas and have the capability to sooth any soul.

Chedigny The village is tiny one with the only speciality of its flowers but this is enough to keep a nature lover bounded to the place for days. Located near the Loire valley, the place is worth the time one may choose to give it, especially in a hot air balloon ride. There could be many more places to be added to the list like Pagoda of Chanteloup and Village of Loches, but this could go a long way. And, while you are busy in collecting data about the lesser known places, don’t forget about renting Luxury villas in France for memories cherished long after the holidays accomplish. France with its great history, nature and connoisseur for art, attracts people from world over. Ensure your presence among them!

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