Thailand has become one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world, thanks to its amazing culture, history and people. Thailand has beautiful beaches, beautiful temples and some really good clubs, as well. Though Thailand has always been synonymous with beautiful beaches and shopping options, it is certainly time to experience something that is different, off-beat and unique. Here are some experiences for travellers who wish to take the road less taken. Not only will they return satisfied from their trip, they will be able to share memories that nobody else has experienced.

Slack Line Walk: Tonsai is a beautiful beach situated close to Krabi. This is the spot for people who are in Thailand to experience nature. One will be able to go rock-climbing or slack line walking over the sea. The concept of slack line walking is simple – one would have to walk on a piece of rope connecting two spots, right over the ocean. If one slips off the rope, they fall right into the ocean! It is an amazing sport and it has a uniquely Thai feel, for one will be able to enjoy the ocean in a different way.

A Sak Yant Tattoo: Spiritual people love Thailand, since it is a country filled with Buddhist monks. One can interact with these Buddhist monks and carry a bit of this spirituality back with through a Sak Yant Tattoo. A Sak Yant tattoo is like a spiritual blessing. Like most blessings, the receiver does not get to choose what boon they want. The monk will decide what tattoo the person gets. Beginners usually get one of the more common sak yants, but those who return for more tattoos will get more varied ones. The monk determines what tattoo would suit a person the best and proceeds to ink it on the upper back. It is believed that these are magic tattoos that set one free from evil and bring good luck.

Attend the Loy Krathong Festival: There is no better way of gleaning the true spirit of a country other than visiting it during the festival season. During October-November, the country celebrates its very popular festival called Loy Krathong. As a tradition, the natives immerse colourful paper boats into a water body and also set free beautiful paper lanterns into the sky. It is one of the most beautiful festivals in the world. It can be said that this is the festival that made paper lanterns so popular all around the world.

Take Care of Elephants: Thailand celebrates the mythical white elephant as the magical belonging of the king; they just revere their elephants. To be a part of this tradition, one would have to participate in an elephant camp, anywhere in Thailand. These camps would allow one to ride elephants, learn how to handle them, breed them and take care of them. One can also undergo a course on how to become an actual mahout. That is an achievement that would certainly be a conversation-starter.

The Patravadi Theatre: The Patravadi Theatre in Bangkok will enthrall one’s senses in a way they have never experienced. One can immerse themselves in Thai culture by enjoying a night of traditional Thai dance and some wonderful coconut milk. It is a must for people interested in arts and culture.

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