Although most travelers seem to think of Florida as a popular destination for spring break vacation and snowbirds to escape from old man winter, the sunshine state can make a hot vacation spot any time throughout the year. Florida is a large state filled with an assortment of activities, tourist attractions and scenic views, so you need to implement a plan before you begin your adventure. Road Trip Planner There is an assortment of travel applications and road planner sites where you can go to navigate your journey. Take a moment to learn geography and decide on the places that you wish to travel to. The southern states have old world charm and typically enjoy warmer weather such as Key West, Naples, and Marco Island. They also have some of the most pristine and beautiful beaches. Miami is a cultural mecca with a vibrant and lively night life. One of the largest tourism capitals of the world is Orlando, and you’ll find an assortment of amusements parks, water rides, and animal adventures to explore.

Safe Driving Traveling anywhere for long periods of time can often be monotonous, and you need to implement safe driving on your Florida road trip. If you have other passengers who have their license, you can take turns driving for short periods of time. Map out a plan to take a break and stop for lunch and other scenic attractions along your route. Not only does this provide a much-needed break for the driver, it allows everyone the opportunity to stretch their legs. When you get tired, pull over and rest for a bit. Florida has an assortment of beaches and parks where visitors can come to relax and rest. It can also never hurt to brush up on local driving laws; for example, visiting Florida DMV or Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer websites, even briefly, can be very helpful. Book Ahead of Time Peak seasons such as spring break and summer are typically busy times of the year, so you may want to book your travel accommodations ahead of time. This is especially true if you’re heading toward some of the most popular regions such as Orlando, Miami, Key West, or Tampa. It also ensures that you get the kind of room and establishment that you want. A room with a view, pool and fitness facilities and other amenities can make a trip more enjoyable, so it’s worth booking ahead of time. Spending the afternoon after a day of driving in search of lodging can be stressful and exhausting, especially after a long day of driving.

Fuel Up Florida has a number of remote areas, and you may go for quite some time without seeing a gas station. To prevent being stranded on the road, you need to make sure your gas tank is properly full while navigating your trip. You also want to make sure you have an emergency road kit—with utilities such as flares, a spare tire, and jumper cables—in case something happens. A road trip throughout Florida is a fun and exciting adventure for you and your family. With a number of destinations and activities throughout the state, you’ll find traveling by car a great way to navigate each city. Savannah Bobo is a writer, blogger, and travel enthusiast who has road tripped to Florida dozens of times from her Atlanta, GA hometown. Staying safe and cool in the summer is always the key to a fun, exciting Florida road trip. Never hesitate to contact those who are there to help, such as Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer Michael Steinger, if you need legal council or aid.