Thailand is a great place to visit to see a variety of geography, cultural traditions, and modern conveniences. There are amazing beaches, great cities, and awe inspiring views. You may not think of Thailand as a family vacation destination, but there uniquely memorable places for the whole family.

Patara Elephant Village: Chiang Mai

Patara Elephant Village is a great place to take your family. It is located in Chiangmai and has been in operation as an elephant sanctuary for several years. Each visitor will learn about being an elephant owner and will hike through the bush to find the elephants in their natural habits. The guides will teach you how to approach an elephant safely and ride on an elephant. You will learn how to care for an elephant for a day, including bathing and feeding your elephant.

Baiyoke Tower Hotel: Bangkok

The Baiyoke Tower Hotel is the tallest hotel in the world and the tallest building in Thailand. The hotel boasts an observation deck that allows visitors to see all over Bangkok and the Chaophaya River. The rooftop pool is a treat for visitors, too. Some families love to take the challenge of climbing the 2600 stairs to the observation deck; many people need at least an hour to hike to the top and if you dare, you can enjoy the revolving deck on the rooftop. You and your family will be able to get a good understanding of the layout of Bangkok from the top of the Baiyoke Hotel and while you are up there, you can enjoy a meal at the Sky Buffett.

Ayutthaya Historical Park: Ayutthaya

This historical location is a UNESCO world heritage site and was formerly the capital of Thailand before it was destroyed by the Burmese in 1767. There are several major attractions in the Ayutthaya Historical Park and families need several days to see everything, including the famous Buddha head in a tree trunk. It is enjoyable to travel to Ayutthaya by boat, and many companies include meals on the boat trip. There are several hotels and great restaurants in the area, but the historical park is awe inspiring. Children and adults will appreciate the ruins of the city – the monasteries and towers of old bricks. The sensory experiences will be memorable for the entire family.

James Bond Island: Phang-Nga

Children and families love movie destinations and James Bond Island is where “The Man with the Golden Gun” was set. The villain set up his base on the strange little islands in the area. There are many little tours that travel to the James Bond Island section of Phang-Nga, which is really a collection of unique islands. There are tourist traps along the way, but the trip is highly recommended by everyone who has jumped on the tour bus. There are several five star hotels in the area, and it is not far from the beach paradise of Phuket. You can travel to James Bond Island by bus or by boat.