Planning your beach wedding is simple when you coordinate with the resort. The resort is a full service location for your wedding, and they provide you with the rooms, food, and location for the ceremony. They give you the party of a lifetime after the ceremony is over, and they help with setup even at your beach location.

Access to the beach helps the resort get you ready for a wedding, and they bring out chairs for all your guests to sit in. The resort helps you find an officiant who lives nearby, and their staff attends to your guests when they arrive. You might have a lot of people fly in for the wedding, and they all get rooms in the hotel.

The ceremony is broken down after you exchange vows, and the resort puts on a party for you and your guests. You are staying in the location for your honeymoon, and the staff gets your room ready for a wonderful wedding night. Your guests are allowed to stay for as long as they want, and the hotel staff helps everyone leave the next morning if they need.

The wedding might include other little events such as a rehearsal dinner, breakfast the morning after, and adventures for all your guests. Ask the hotel how much they can do, and you plan a schedule with the hotel that gives you everything you want.

Your beach wedding becomes a reality when you try the New StarBeach hotel location. You can get married on the beach, and the hotel staff takes care of everything. Your guests have places to stay, food to eat, and someone to look after them when they turn up for your wedding. All the while, you have your own room to escape with your lover.