Social media has changed many aspects of our lives. In addition to staying in touch with friends or promoting our businesses, we have more opportunities than ever to get up-to-the-minute information on a variety of topics. Fortunately, this includes limited-time deals on any number of products and services, including travel deals for a fabulous, affordable Patagonia vacation.

Social media platforms from Twitter to Reddit can help you plan your dream getaway to Patagonia. Travel companies and even fellow globe trotters on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites can alert you to great deals and help you plan the vacation of a lifetime to the ultimate South American destination.

• Use Pinterest to Plan Your Trip

Start a Pinterest board specifically for Patagonia. Draw inspiration from gorgeous photos of landscapes, architecture and people posted by travel companies and fellow fans of your favorite South American territory. Use them to motivate you and help you choose the most desirable Patagonian places to visit. When it comes time to book your flight, hotel, tours and other plans, you’ll have all your top picks in one place. Before you know it, you’ll have your own great Patagonia photos to share with others.

• Be a Follower

Follow a number of travel companies on Twitter. You’ll have constant, instantaneous access to great deals on flights, hotels and other accommodations, as well as tours, all-inclusive resorts and travel packages. Some companies even offer specials exclusively for their Twitter followers. Follow your favorite names in travel, and seek out new ones to broaden your travel horizons.

• Patagonia Deals You’ll “Like”

Facebook is a virtual treasure trove of Patagonia travel bargains. You’re even likely to find contests with Patagonia trips as prizes. “Like” Patagonia-related pages to enter contests and receive travel deals in your news feed. You’ll also meet Patagonia travel veterans and others who dream of visiting the South American region.

• Other Social Media for Your Patagonia Plans

Facebook and Twitter aren’t the only social media platforms available to help you plan your trip to Patagonia. Reddit, Quora, Redgage and a number of other similar sites are great sources for travel tips and articles. Ask seasoned travelers questions about the ins and outs of traveling to Patagonia, and return the favor to newbies after you actually take your dream trip.  Planning your Patagonia vacation is easier and more affordable when you take advantage of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites. Connect with people and companies who can provide insight, tips and amazing deals to help you make the most of traveling to your dream destination.