For most mothers and daughters, the constant madness of work, school and domestic distractions means that spending quality time together is harder than it should be. Fortunately for you though there’s a whole continent to be explored just on your doorstep, with flights to Paris often cheaper than travel around the UK there’s no better time to get away from it all. All you have to do is book your tickets and remember to pack light, because within hours you’ll be landing right in the middle of one of Europe’s most popular shopping capitals.

There you’ll find hundreds of fashion boutiques, although it may prove difficult to know where to begin. To start, why not head out along the Champs-Élysées? Extending east from the instantly recognisable Arc de Triomphe, this is one of the city’s most famous boulevards and home to such household names as Dior, Chanel and Versace. Nearby, Gaultier and Hermes can also be found but you’ll be hard pressed to find a bargain in this area. Instead, use the street as an ideal opportunity to window shop and imagine what life could be like before heading off to some of the smaller Paris boutiques where similar apparel can be found for a lower price.

In particular, try Rue de Rivoli or the Saint-Ouen Flea Market for more affordable design and vintage fashion. If department stores are more your style, head over to Printemps or Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann, Paris’ department store district. Once there it’s possible to make massive savings by trawling the annual sales that take place every January and June. On top of this, tourists can also receive a 10% discount card that is valid even during the sales.

By combining these discounts with the latest Paris hotel deals and last minute flight deals, you’ll soon find that your weekend away doesn’t cost nearly as much as you thought. This will leave you plenty of spending money to sample that other great French love: food and drink. At times it seems like every Parisian café you see has a more enticing menu than the last, but with a couple of days to spare you can afford to try a few. Of course, French food is famous around the world, and you’ll find no shortage of crepes, baguettes and cheese in Paris. Wash these down with a glass of wine and you’re well on the way to fitting in with the locals.

There are so many eateries, in fact, that heading to a specific area to eat is like the UK’s Eurovision song entries – almost pointless. Instead, just follow your nose. Finally, be sure to walk along the Seine or hop aboard one of the many tourist boats to check out some of Paris’ famous landmarks. Most striking of these is the Eiffel Tower, visible across the city and an essential photo opportunity to commemorate your weekend abroad.