Vietnam has gotten a bad rap as most Americans associate it with a war that just never seemed to end and a political climate that was almost impossible to bear. The jungle of the region and the warm water is actually an amazing place to visit. You can take in the local area farms, chill out on the beach or even learn a bit about the Vietnamese history. There are markets all the time where you can purchase local foods and fresh fruits as well as get to know the people. The best part of all of this is that for under a thousand US dollars you can stay in Vietnam for a month. If you have some vacation time coming to you, this is one of the places where you can make your money go the farthest.

Ho Chi Minh

One of the most interesting things to do in Vietnam is to travel part of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Once the center of horrible fighting, you can now walk the trail through the jungles spotting wildlife and enjoying the scenery all around. You can visit working rice fields and even participate in harvesting some rice depending on the time of year. You can take a boat ride out to see the famous Vietnam floating market. Here you will find everything from seafood to fresh flowers all on a series of rafts attached together.

Nha Trang

This white sand beach is something out of a dream. You would have never thought so a gorgeous area would be nestled along the coat of Vietnam, yet it is. You can stay in the cabins right on the beach for dollars a day and you can take the local boats out to explore the waters. Surrounding the area there are all types of tiny little islands where you can explore even further. It is best to go with a guide at first, but there are plenty of locals who will offer help if you need it.

Hoi An

A major trading port for Asian cultures, this village has been built up and ruined over the years. You will experience ancient Asian architecture as well as get a sense of the Vietnamese lifestyle. You can see the religious centers as well as classic bridges built to help the locals travel around. Some of the architecture is totally unique while other pieces take on forms that reflect the surrounding Asian regions. You will see how the Asian people have influenced one another and you can even explore the local museums to learn more about this rich culture. Overall your Vietnam experience will open your eyes to a people and a country that probably only existed in your mind as a war torn region. The area has much to offer and you can see it so inexpensively it makes it even more worth the trip. This has the opportunity to be your most unique vacation ever.