The Cyclades Islands of Greece are some of the most unforgettable holiday destinations in the world.

A trip to the Cyclades islands of Greece offers something to remember.  The thousands of visitors that trip to the islands yearly perhaps is testament of this fact. For anyone planning a holiday, Greek is a must consider destinations. In fact, it can rightly be argued that a European holiday is not complete without a visit to any of the Cyclades islands. The conclusion is not without reason! Here is why. Greece’s Cyclades islands offer an array of unique attractions unlike anywhere else in the world. Greek culture is representative of centuries of civilization clashes. The country sits between Europe, Asia and Africa. Merchants from the neighboring continents visited Greece for centuries, bringing with them their culture and influences. Today, a visit to any of the Cyclades islands offers a mix of cultural experiences unlike any other destination globally. This includes a dynamic night life, ancient structures, museums, treks, beautiful sandy beaches, serene landscapes etc. Some of these structures are as old as human civilization itself.


With the foregoing in mind, it is fair to admit that Greece offers something for everyone. The Cyclades are appropriate when looking for a honeymoon destination, trekking holidays, family holidays, lovers’ holidays etc. There is a diverse offering to meet everyone’s holiday needs. For lovers of Greek culture, museums that dot the Cyclades can perfectly serve your needs. To live the culture, villages dot the islands and can provide that experience. You only need to be respectful of local culture when partaking of it! Overall, Greece’s Cyclades islands offer all the must-see things that make being in Greece worthwhile. Must see attractions include the remains of Parthenon and Agora in Athens, remains of Acropolis and monuments from the Byzantine era in Thessaloniki. Others include the remains of the Panhellenic Temple of Apollo in Delphi. It might interest you to discover that the Pythian Games were first held in the Panhellenic Temple. The Pythian Games were the precursor to the modern Olympics. Other important things to do and experience include relieving the experiences of famous philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle.


The Cyclades islands are renowned world over for their great summer holidays. They are places to relax and enjoy the sun, wind, water and sandy beaches. The beaches stretch for miles on end, with pristine backgrounds. The Cyclades islands are more than 6,000 islands! Whichever islands you visit are greatly determined by your holidaying needs. But some aspects are common for all the islands, e.g. white sandy beaches. There are numerous water related activities for the truly adventurous traveler. If you love a scintillating nightlife, the Cyclades are perfect. For water activities lovers, there are jet skis, kite surfing, water ski and snorkeling to choose from. Some of the most memorable of the Cyclades islands include Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, and Rhodes amongst others. Each has its own unique offerings that make it attractive to a diverse group of visitors. Travel to the Cyclades from the mainland is via ferry, but boats are also available for hire. Touristorama provide tourist information for people who want to visit the Islands of Greece.