Have you ever wanted to live the high life while going on vacation, or maybe on a business trip? Well now is the time to do it. Tokyo, Japan offers some extraordinary hotels to stay in, and they are very modern yet they make you feel like a movie star. Each hotel has different options depending on your desires for rooms; they vary from guest rooms to suites to stylish condos. Check out some of this jaw dropping places.

Hotel Seiyo Ginza Located in Tokyo, this beautiful hotel is nothing but modern, modern, modern. Intended for either business purposes or vacationing, this is the perfect hotel for any occasion. The guest rooms have been used for movie stars, business personnel, and even everyday families. There are different designs and structures in each room, and these create a homey, warm, and comfortable feeling. There are various services such as butlers, servers, or drivers that are complementary to your stay.

The Ritz Carlton

Another hotel in the heart of Tokyo, the Ritz Carlton can accommodate for any of your reservation needs. This hotel is incorporated into a fascinating skyscraper, the Midtown tower, and occupies 12 of the best floors in the building. There are rooms that vary from luxurious suites to executive suites, and to Japanese suites; each one original in its own way. There are unique dining opportunities as well, offering savoury, authentic, Japanese foods. Reservations can be made via phone or upon arrival.

Hotel New Otani

In the outskirts of the city of Tokyo, New Otani Hotel stands with a long distance view of the skyline, as well as a close-up view of beautiful gardens and waterfalls. This hotel is located in a very quiet environment and has three different buildings. The buildings are Executive House Zen (The Main), Garden Tower, and the Garden Court (which holds offices). Each building has a different unique aspect and holds different authentic restaurants, shopping, arcades, or whatever the guests may desire.

Hotel Nikko

With a unique, circular structure, this hotel is located in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. The hotel has a variety of different guest rooms and suites, which are each uniquely designed to add a different vibe for the room. There are also opportunities for weddings, banquets, and different events. This hotel also has multiple dining opportunities to serve you and your accompanying guests. With a glorious view, Hotel Nikko will serve you to your every desire. These hotels are all wonderful for your trip to Japan; however, they are a bit pricy. If you are willing to pay this much for a room depending on if it is a vacation or a business event, then more power to you. If none of these work for you, simply do some research before your trip to find the perfect hotel to accommodate your needs. Either way, Japan is a wonderful place to visit and offers not only modernistic styles, but also cleanliness, comfort, and luxury.