Visitors have often used words like beautiful, unbelievable, friendly, vibrant, and colorful to describe the South American country of Peru. Nestled on the western coast, this incredible country is rich in history, culture, and plenty of places to explore. If you are planning your tours in Peru—there are many stops filled with adventures to fit your travel style. Here are three top destinations to consider for your Peruvian journey.
Machu Picchu/Cusco – Full of mystique and intrigue, Machu Picchu has long been a popular tourist destination for a good reason. The breathtaking scenery combined with mysterious and bold ancient ruins puts this spectacular site at the top of many world travelers’ lists. In addition, there are several ways to approach your destination. Depending on your interests, you can go by train, foot, bus, bike, or even on a horse. With several tours to choose from, finding one that fits your lifestyle is easy. Many of the tours to Machu Picchu begin in the ancient Incan capital city of Cusco. Majestic architecture rises above the city making it a wonderful place to begin your journey. With many interesting attractions in Cusco, make sure to spend some time touring this phenomenal city as well. Lima – The capital city of Peru acts as a gateway into the country. The bustling city offers many opportunities to explore the region’s culture, history, and cuisine. Several museums, boutiques and galleries, cafes, theaters, and other entertainment await you in this city bordering the Pacific Ocean. Lima is made up of thirty districts including the famous historical city center. Each district possesses its own vibe and features, from music and art, to dining and shopping. For an easy guide to finding hotspots, try one of the tours to assist you in discovering what Lima has to offer.
Arequipa – Both the outdoor oriented traveler and the culture seeker will find a haven in Arequipa. The ‘White City’ contains dazzling architecture, and the city itself is situated perfectly for those wanting more contact with nature. Peru tours in the area can take you to nearby places like the Mejia Lagoons, Valley of the Volcanoes, Colca Canyon and Colca Valley, Salinas, and Aguada Blanca. The city itself has ample chances to delve into the well-preserved heritage. Soaring cathedrals, jaw-dropping ruins, delectable cuisine, inspiring architecture, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, magnificent natural scenery, and once in a lifetime experiences await you in this country full of interesting, abundant, and diverse opportunities.