What are the top attractions in Egypt that can compel you to travel to this great historical country? Well, Egypt is known historically due to the existence of pharaohs that also built large pyramids such as the pyramids of Giza that have been among the Seven Wonders of the World for a long time. Although Egypt is known for its great monumental sites, in modern Egypt, there are also many areas that can be visited and thus can be categorized among the topmost attractions in Egypt today. Although that is one point, our argument on top attractions in Egypt will be based on the ancient Egypt sites that still stand today.

Alexander the great and Cleopatra among other historical rulers and conquerors have been recorded to have vacationed in various places in Egypt, some of which stood centuries before their time. Although the ancient Egyptian sites are quite inspiring, there are other top attractions in Egypt based on the same theory that shouldn’t be missed. Let us look at the Abu Simbel where you will be a witness of the great Ramses’ temple. This temple remains a leader in tourist attraction on the southern part of Egypt.

Another attraction site is Luxor’s West Bank where the Colossi of Memnon as well as several nicely decorated tombs of villagers and ancient Egyptians who were non-pharaohs. Although the mentioned sites attract many, the primary reason as to why his place remains so popular even up to date is based on the valleys of the kings and queens and this is where the mentioned tombs rest. As mentioned earlier on this content, the pyramids of Giza which were mostly associated with the burials of the Egyptian pharaohs and hence remain part of the ancient wonders of the world, are also believed to be top attractions in Egypt today. This is because of the architectural designs depicted here.

The Cairo museum in Cairo Egypt is one of the leading top attraction places in Egypt. This is because everything you come across here is based on historical Egypt. This museum, which is also known as the Egyptian Museum has over 120,000 items that you will have access to see meaning you can spend an entire day there viewing them. The archeological collections in this museum were started back in 1830 depending on the findings excavated from Egypt. Although it was believed the museum holds pharaoh based artifacts, there are a lot of things you will see!