Spain has remained one of the most frequently visited countries by UK holiday-makers and for good reason. The country is filled with beautiful scenery, exquisite cuisine and masterful architecture. Spain’s landscape is totally diverse, from the snow-capped Sierra Nevada to the crystal blue La Barossa beaches. Turkey is quickly catching up with Spain as one of the most eagerly anticipated countries for holiday-makers to visit. Marvellous cuisine, vibrant cities and an equally diverse landscape, combined with a rich history mean this country should be high on anyone’s travel list. Although it can be unfair to compare two different countries when it comes to planning our sun-seeking holidays it often comes down to how good the beaches are.  Here is a quick guide to some of the best beaches these countries have to offer.

Ovabuku – Turkey

Turkey is filled with beautiful and diverse beaches including Butterfly Valley, Ovabuku, Amos and more, making a summer break in Turkey the perfect trip. The beaches are not only filled with beautiful scenery but with affordable top-notch accommodation. Why not stay at a hotel overlooking the sea while enjoying the rustic cuisine and diverse landscape of Ovabuku? One thing Turkey has over Spain is that their beaches tend not to get too crowded and cramped – sheer bliss. They are cosily nestled in the mountainous region and are coupled with convenient restaurants and resorts. The hot weather is bound to get you in the water for a cool dip.

Magnificent Malaga – Spain Spain boasts its own stunning coastline, so finding a fabulous resort and beach isn’t exactly hard work, however hot resort, Malaga, has more than enough beaches to keep even the keenest sun-worshipper happy on their break. If you want to visit Malaga for top beaches, then Playa de la Malagueta is a great first choice. It is the most popular beach, measuring in at 1200 meters long. A little promenade packed with cafés and restaurants is close-by if you need a little break from baking. This beach, in particular, is where the famous La Feria de Malaga festival takes place during the first two weeks of August.

For something a little smaller, visit Playa Palo, a beach located on the east side of Malaga and one which offers an array of water-sport activities, such as diving and sailing.  The next-door fishing village of El Palo is a must-visit so you can get yourself a fresh catch for a sunset meal – the perfect end to a day. Playa Las Acacias is another popular beach in Malaga, known for its grey sands and 1200 km coastline. Playa Huellin is a great town beach located in the promenade; therefore it is ripe with beach bars, restaurants and tourist facilities. It also named after the Malaga native and Hollywood star Antonio Banderas! Malaga beaches have long been a popular choice among Brits and rightly so, however Turkey can hold a candle to Spain in terms of its stature as a summer destination.. Pick up a Turkey travel guide and you will see how vast and beautiful the country is, from massive mountains, to open spaces, valleys, cities and seaside resorts. The country has so much to offer including the rich history and ruins left behind from the Greco-Roman times up to the Ottomans. Best of all, the beaches are beautiful and without the tourist trappings of those in Spain.