Cruising down the River Nile in Egypt is an amazing travel experience. Egypt is a fascinating country with a long history, ancient architecture, gorgeous beaches and much more. Cruising down the Nile will give you an insight into Egyptian culture and will be an adventure that you will never forget.  Part of the process of planning for your cruise down the Nile is deciding what sort of clothing you should wear. Egypt can get incredibly hot so you will need to pack clothing which will keep you cool. You will also need to be able to adapt to the many different situations on the cruise, such as formal dinners and events. Here are some tips that will help you when deciding what clothes to bring with you on your Egypt cruise:

  • In the heat of the day, lightweight fabrics are your friend. Choose cotton shirts and lightweight pants in loose and flowing styles.
  • While relaxing by the pool onboard the ship, it is fine to wear shorts and swimming costumes. However, make sure that you cover up when walking around in other parts of the ship.
  • The sun is very strong, so sunglasses and a hat which protects your face are a good idea.
  • Remember that the culture of Egypt is predominately Muslim. Women especially, but men as well, should keep this in mind and dress respectably. When you walk around the cities in short shorts and cleavage-baring spaghetti strap tank tops you will get a lot of unwanted stares and you will show the locals that you don’t respect their culture. Covering yourself up is better for everyone.
  • If you are visiting a mosque all visitors must remove their shoes. Women need to wear clothing which covers their arms and wear a scarf over their hair. Men should wear long sleeves and long trousers.
  • Also, unlike some sunny destinations in Europe, topless sunbathing is not appropriate in Egypt.
  • Most cruises will have events such as formal dinners, performances, and other special occasions. Don’t forget to throw in at least one formal outfit so that you can attend these while on board.
  • Make sure that you bring with you at least one pair of sturdy shoes such as trainers or hiking shoes. This is because you will probably want to visit some ancient pyramids or ruins and these sites usually have uneven floors.

Now that you have packed everything you need, enjoy your adventure cruising the Nile and traveling in Egypt.